How To Discard Or Donate Old Jewelry Items

Over time, you might find that your jewelry is no longer usable or in working condition. They may become damaged or old due to various factors such as how long you have been wearing them or the quality of the jewelry piece. Discarding old and used jewelry products can be easy to do on your […]

Tips To Discard An Old Water Heater

Having a working water heater in your home or apartment complex is essential when it comes to performing daily tasks such as laundry, showering, cleaning and much more. Because of the use that comes out of a water heater, you might find yourself having to replace it more often than other larger appliances in your […]

Why Construction Projects Need Junk Removal Services

New construction projects are increasing in urban areas due to the growing population. Simultaneously, they produce many junk items on a construction site that will cause several problems for both workers and employers. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them with high care to maintain a better environment. Construction companies and builders willing to get […]

8 Tips To Declutter Junk Before Making A Big Move

Furniture Removal

8 Tips To Declutter Junk Before Making A Big Move Moving involves several challenges since it requires more planning and effort. Those who want to shift their home and office should consider decluttering unwanted items effectively with the best practices. Besides, it will help to plan the moving process without any difficulties. Decluttering is one […]

The 911 Junk Out Story

Blue Collar businesses are part of the backbone of our society. They are comprised of plumbers, landscapers, carpenters, janitorial workers and more. They fix our busted pipes, clean our streets, manicure our lawn and keep many areas of our lives functioning without sometimes realizing it. My parents were entrepreneurs, so looking back it’s not difficult […]

How to Get Rid of a Hot Tub

Has the hot gone out of your hot tub? Now it is sitting empty in your yard collecting rainwater and becoming a haven for mosquitoes and frogs. It seems like such a hassle to get rid of it and it would take much more effort than you are willing to give.  Moving a hot tub […]

Getting Ready to Move? Should You Hire a Mover or Move it Yourself?

Moving is stressful. Even if you are moving for a good reason such as moving to a new city for a better job, or getting married, and combining households, you still have things to wrap up everywhere.  The timing has to be right when you are moving too. You can’t get your belongings to the […]

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911JunkOut at Work

911 Junk Out is your Eco-Friendly Local Junk Removal & Demo Service provider. We are dedicated to providing high-quality on-demand junk removal service for your home or commercial property needs. We haul large items like furniture and appliances, do full house cleanouts, offer light demolition in many markets, and pick up all kinds of trash […]

Why Pick us?

Junk Removal

When you’re working on a big project or just handling a large amount of junk, you might be wondering if renting a dumpster is the right move for you. 911 Junk Out has got you covered! 911 Junk Out offers Dumpster Rental for small home projects, large projects, and commercial demolitions. Our dumpster rental service […]